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Pre-Owned Textbooks vs New: What's the Difference?

New Textbooks or Pre-Owned: What's the Difference?

Huge Savings
The only real difference between new and pre-owned textbooks is the huge savings off publisher net prices!

  • Savings up to 75% off publisher net prices
  • A practical, cost-effective alternative to purchasing new textbooks from publishers
  • The identical publishers, copyrights, and ISBN�s that your students are using today
  • Students receive high-quality textbooks and achieve the same performance
  • Provides a better educational value for schools, teachers, and parents

Close the Gap Between Budgets and Textbooks

Textbooks represent one of the largest expenses in any school�s budget. By buying pre-owned textbooks from FES, districts typically reduce textbook costs by over 30%.

  • Adoption delayed? In addition to newer copyrights, FES stocks older editions that your school is using today.
  • Enrollment changes or lost books? Think FES first for fill-ins and replacements.
  • Sharing workbooks? Our selection is so reasonably priced, no students have to go without.

For over 130 years, schools and districts like yours have put their trust in FES. It�s the smart choice of educators nationwide.

Right Books. Right Price. Right Now.