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Learn how the nation's leader in pre-owned instructional materials ensures the same quality hardcover and consumable instructional materials at a savings up to 75%.

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Our inspection process ensures that our pre-owned textbooks retain the quality you expect.

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Turn your surplus textbooks into credit or cash.

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Enjoy textbook procurement, sorting, distribution, and barcoding services for single schools or entire districts.

Go Green at School

Did you know that purchasing pre-owned textbooks for your classrooms helps the environment? Pre-owned materials are one way to go green at school: Textbooks that are no longer in use at one school or district are still being used and in high demand at others. By purchasing pre-owned textbooks or selling your surplus materials, you're making a smart choice for your classroom and helping to foster a greener tomorrow.

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Recycle Your Textbooks with Our Buy-Back Program

Take advantage of our Textbook Buy-Back Program and turn your surplus textbooks into credit or cash while reducing the number of books that go into landfills each year. By participating in the program, you are helping to put as many books as possible back into the hands of students. Follett also works with local and national charities to ensure that all textbooks are reissued, donated to other children, or recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Whether you are purchasing pre-owned materials or selling your surplus textbooks, you're helping to promote the reuse and recycling of educational materials. That brings benefits not just to the environment, but to your bottom line.

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