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Comprehension Keystones
Complete teaching guides for the instruction of comprehension

Gretchen Courtney's Comprehension Strategies Classroom Libraries provide teachers with the books they need to successfully implement comprehension strategy instruction in their classrooms. Nonfiction, fiction, and poetry books are carefully selected for direct strategy instruction opportunities.

Volume 1: Predicting Using information from graphics, text, and background knowledge to anticipate text information. View sample Buy a complete set of Comprehension Keystones and SAVE
Volume 2: Summarizing Identifying and accumulating key ideas in a text. View sample
Volume 3: Connecting Engaging and applying background information to construct deep understanding of key ideas and themes. View sample
Volume 4: Questioning Posing and answering self-generated questions that clarify meaning and promote deeper understanding of text.
Volume 5: Inferring Forming a conclusion about the author�s meaning using background knowledge and clues from the text.
Volume 6: Imaging Creating and organizing sensory and conceptual images to process and understand text.
Buy Complete Set of Comprehension Keystones and Save Purchase the complete set of Comprehension Keystones and SAVE!
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