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Conditioning Guidelines


Follett Educational Services prides itself in the quality of the used textbooks and educational materials it sells. In order to maintain the high level of quality Follett has become known for, we are very selective in the books we purchase for resale. Our overall rule-of-thumb when evaluating books is, "Would we want our children using this book?"

The guidelines below will assist you in determining whether or not your used textbooks will meet our purchase criteria. Images illustrate books which do not meet the stated criteria.

Hardcover Books

Book covers should have no peeling or wear-and-tear exposing more than 3 areas of cardboard greater than the size of a pencil eraser.

Book covers should not break away from the pages.

Pages cannot show evidence of water damage such as discoloration or wrinkles.

Unacceptable books

Paper Cover Books

Covers must be securely attached to the pages. Covers cannot be ripped or torn, unless they can be easily restored to "like new" condition using transparent tape. Normal wear, or a student's name written on the cover is acceptable.

All pages must be intact and never written on.

Pages cannot show evidence of water damage such as discoloration or wrinkles.

No Value Books

Follett Educational Services never buys books meeting any of the following conditions:

  • Profanity/obscenities inside the book
  • Ripped, torn or missing pages within the book
  • Excessive writing or highlighting within the book
  • Ripped pages that cannot be easily repaired with transparent tape
  • Books missing the title/copyright page
A book with ripped pages A book with missing Title/Copyright page