About the Author: Gretchen Courtney

Gretchen Courtney

Gretchen Courtney is the creator of this new, groundbreaking six-part series for reading comprehension instruction.

For more than twenty years, Gretchen has led a unique group of highly trained consultants specializing in professional development for literacy instruction. Gretchen oversees professional learning for over three hundred school districts annually throughout North America, and works in collaboration with both the Illinois Principals' Association and the Consortium for Educational Change, a group of dedicated educators from eight universities providing essential literacy support.

A sought-after author, presenter and public speaker, Gretchen has a rich and diverse background in the field of literacy education, including a Master�s degree in Reading, doctoral coursework in Curriculum and Instruction and 18 years teaching in public schools.

The instructional tools that help you create proficient readers!

Comprehension Keystones

Each of the six Comprehension Keystones provides the instructional techniques necessary for creating proficient readers. Along with guidelines for instruction, each Keystone manual includes strategy-specific graphic organizers, methodically scaffolded instructional techniques, and lessons with selected text for K-5 grade levels. Independent practice activities as well as formative and summative assessments complete each Comprehension Keystone volume. More  

Comprehension Strategies Classroom Libraries

Gretchen Courtney's Comprehension Strategies Classroom Libraries provide teachers with the books they need to successfully implement comprehension strategy instruction in their classrooms. Nonfiction, fiction, and poetry books are carefully selected for direct strategy instruction opportunities. More 

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