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Environmentally Friendly

Learn how purchasing pre-owned textbooks helps to foster a greener tomorrow

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10-Point Inspection

Our inspection process ensures that our pre-owned textbooks retain the quality you expect

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Buy-Back Program

Turn your surplus textbooks into credit or cash


Textbook Management

Textbook procurement, sorting/ distribution and barcoding services for single schools or entire districts

Save money and combine orders from multiple publishers with one order from Follett.

  • Save 30-75% on new and pre-owned textbooks/workbooks
  • Get help combining orders from multiple publishers into one Purchase Order
  • Over 5 Million K-12 Textbooks in-stock and ready to ship
  • Order by 12 p.m. CST and in-stock books can ship the same day for no extra charge
  • Convenient payment terms to fit your needs

Follett is currently offering textbooks in Premium Condition that have never been issued to a student at prices as low as used textbooks.

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