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Playaway® Self-Playing Digital Audiobooks

Follett is the exclusive distributor of all content licensed to Findaway World for the U.S. K-12 school market and made available on the Playaway preloaded digital audiobook!

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With Playaways, your students can listen to an audiobook with ease. There’s no need for any special equipment, juggling cassettes or CDs, or lengthy downloads. The entire book is already loaded on the durable Playaway unit, which is about half the size of a deck of cards and made of droppable plastic. (Earbuds and lanyards sold separately.) Your students just plug in the earphones and press play. Thanks to its high-quality digital technology, Playaway offers sharp, clear, flawless sound each and every time you turn it on.

Differentiated Classroom Use

Plug the Playaway Audiobook into the optional Playaway Portable Speaker or a powered desktop speaker for whole class participation. Used in conjunction with print material for audio-supported reading, Playaways support the development of critical listening and reading skills. Research suggests that the use of audio assisted reading can motivate students to read more by an author they've been introduced to. Inclusion students can experience books at their interest level which may be above their reading level.

ELL/ESL Readers

Playaways offer ESL/ELL students the opportunity to listen to oral English that presents correct pronunciation of words and statement inflection. Playback functions support repeated listening of key phrases.

Struggling/Reluctant Readers

Playaways can provide multiple access points for reluctant, impaired, struggling, or non-readers with the same "reading" experiences as their peers. That means everyone has the opportunity to participate in the discussion! Additionally, the variable speed feature on the Playaway can be used to assist struggling and reluctant readers while they follow along with the paired book.

As an integrated reading experience for your students, we've "matched" both selected Playaways to an appropriate text version. They support reading in the classroom using unabridged text that is further enhanced when used alongside the audio version on Playaway, allowing you to access multiple reading strategies.

Technology in the classroom is vital today. Plug your students into something you can feel good about; engage their learning and open a world of reading to them in a whole new dimension.

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