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Playaway® Self-Playing Digital Audiobooks

Classroom Uses

Plug the Playaway Audiobook into the Playaway Portable Speaker or a powered desktop speaker for a class to listen to. Text is an authentic duplication and can be used in conjunction with print material for audio-supported reading. This helps with the development of listening skills and promotes critical reading skills.

Struggling/Reluctant Readers

image Playaways can provide learning experiences for reluctant, impaired, struggling, or non-readers with the same reading experiences as their peers. Additionally, the variable speed feature on the Playaway can be used to assist struggling and reluctant readers while they follow along with the paired book.

As an integrated literary experience for your students, we've provided both the Playaway and a supportive text version. These texts were not selected, nor were they intended, to provide a word-by-word match, but to support reading in the classroom using an unabridged text that is further enhanced when used alongside the audio version on Playaway. Every effort was made to provide as close to an authentic version as possible; but as the nature of each Playaway performance may vary from production to production, we cannot guarantee an exact text match.

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