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Playaway® Self-Playing Digital Audiobooks


Publishers cater to growing use of MP3s for schoolwork,
February 6, 2007, Associated Press
"One type of audio player called Playaway - a two-ounce flashplayer pre-loaded with an audio book made by Follett Corp. and Findaway World - was sold to school districts starting about 6 months ago. The players are now on loan at roughly 1,500 libraries, 15 percent of which are school libraries."

"Belinda Jacks, who oversees 38 school libraries in the Dallas suburb of Grand Prairie, recently ordered Playaways for her libraries, and said they've become 'shockingly' popular."

"She added that, contrary to some parents' concerns, listening to books encourages reading. This expands on reading out loud to kids, which studies show boosts literacy, Jacks said."

The New York Times

Not an iPod, but It's Child-Friendly and Uses One AAA Battery,
January 4, 2007, Warren Buckleitner
"The players are most notable for the features they don't have. There are no U.S.B. cables, CDs to rip or burn, downloads, online stores or batteries to recharge. Just turn them on, put in the headphones and you're ready to go."

The Today Show

Gifts for The Traveler, December 15, 2006
"Everything from the new John Grisham book to Spanish lessons. And, you'll see how portable it is. This is portable - one AAA battery and you're in."

O, The Oprah Magazine

The O List, November 2006
"Listen to this genius idea: self-playing digital audiobooks - smaller than a deck of cards - that come with earphones."

Time Magazine

Cool Gifts, November, 2006
"Playaway's audiobooks aren't designed for digital-media mavens with iPods who are accustomed to downloading content off the Net. They're pocket-size and preloaded for people who just want to press Play and go. The collection includes more than 200 titles - new fiction, literary classics, books for kids, how-tos, humor - for $30 to $55 each, earbuds included."

Parade Magazine

Great Gadgets, November 19, 2006
by Robert Moritz
"Want to check out the latest best-seller without lugging that heavy hardcover? Playaway Audiobooks put The Innocent Man and more than 100 other titles in your pocket - batteries and earphones included! The straightforward controls even let you pause, rewind or skip chapters."