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Playaway® Self-Playing Digital Audiobooks

How to Playaway

Roll over the buttons on the Playaway to review their functions.

Click here to download the printable user guide (PDF 296 kb).

Features & Functions

  • Variable voice speed control so you can adjust the narrator's voice without changing pitch to support differentiated reading speeds.
  • Variable volume control from level 1 to 10.
  • Resumes playback from stopping point when Playaway is turned off and then restarted.
  • LCD screen that shows chapter information and battery life.
  • Skip forward and back, fast forward, reverse, and power (on, play, pause, off) buttons.


  • Folding Portable Speakers Set
  • FM Transmitter
  • AAA Batteries (50)
  • Earbuds (10)
  • Foam Earbud Covers (250)
  • Lanyards (25)
  • Universal Case(s)
  • Universal Counter Key
  • Universal Locking Clips

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View featured Playaway titles for grades 5-8 and young adults. Or, search our entire selection of Playaway titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Playaway compare to audio on cassette or CD?

Playaway is more convenient and easier to enjoy than juggling multiple CDs, cassettes, or a separate player. Playaway allows listeners to control the speed of the narrator’s voice.

What does the audio sound like on a Playaway?

Playaway audio is of equal or greater quality to digital downloads available today, due to proprietary processing, and leading-edge production techniques.

How long does the battery last and how easy is it to change?

One AAA (triple A) battery will provide up to 12 hours of playing time. The battery is easy to change. Just locate the battery clip at the wide base of the player and push it to unsnap and remove the cover. Once the cover’s off, pull out the old battery, pop in a new one, and snap the cover back on.

Can students use another set of headphones with a Playaway?

Absolutely, in addition to the earphones provided, Playaway was designed with a universal earphone jack to work with almost any type of headphones, speakers, or car adapters.

Can anyone add, delete, or transfer content onto or from a Playaway?

To protect copyrighted works, it’s not possible to make copies of or alter the content of a Playaway.

What is the warranty on Playaways?

Playaways are warranted against defects for one year from their purchase date.

Does Playaway offer more titles than just grades 5 thru 8 and young adult?

Yes, Playaway offers a full selection of K-3, 3-6 and adult titles as well.

Troubleshooting Your Playaway

Issue: Shutting down prior to the user turning the unit off and/or jumping through or skipping chapters

Solution 1: Check and replace the AAA battery, located in the wider end compartment of the unit. Often, if the battery level is low, there are several functions of the Playaway that will be affected. The problem you described is often fixed when the battery is changed.

Solution 2: Be sure to install the battery correctly. We've had a number of cases where the battery is installed backwards while troubleshooting; causing the user to think the Playaway is still malfunctioning.

Issue: The Player isn't remembering where the user left off.

Solution: To have a Playaway remember where a user left off, the unit needs to power down fully. It counts down 3-2-1 OFF on the LCD screen; if you do not see the OFF on the LCD screen then it may not have powered down all the way. This sets the place within the chip that holds the audio content. If a battery dies prior to a user fully powering down the unit or the unit is not powered down properly (waiting for the 3-2-1 OFF to occur when pressing power), the place will not be held and the Playaway will start again from the beginning the next time it is powered on.

Issue: LCD screen is only showing part of the display � either the top or bottom of the numbers or the left or right side of the numbers.

Solution: The problem you described with the LCD can be fixed by pressing the back side of the unit down until you hear it snap. This occurs when the front of the Playaway and the back become slightly separated. If this does not correct the problem, we are more than happy to replace this title for you as the LCD screen is covered under our 1 year warranty for all Playaways.