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Reading Detective

Using Higher-Order Thinking to Improve Reading Comprehension

Reading Detective develops the analysis, synthesis, and vocabulary skills students need for exceptional reading comprehension.

Product Details

  • Grade Levels: Beginning: Grades 3-4, A1: Grades 5-6, B1: Grades 7-8
  • Beginning includes 62 activities, A1 includes 51 activities, and B1 includes 55 activities
  • Students read and analyze short literature passages and stories that include fiction and nonfiction genre. Then they answer multiple-choice questions, citing sentence evidence to support their answers.

Key Features

  • Each activity can be done in learning or test mode
  • Self-tutoring: detailed instructions, hints, and explanations of answers
  • Printable student scores with diagnostic, comparative, and detailed reports
  • On-screen teaching guide including skill matrix and answer keys
  • Self-grading
  • Saves unfinished activities
  • Optional password protection
  • Fun reward games

For more information or to order Reading Detective, please contact us online or at 877.899.8550.

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Multi-year, multi-site, and small school pricing is available. Please contact your account representative for more information.