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Common Core Text Exemplars

The developers of the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts, as found at http://www.corestandards.org/assets/Appendix_B.pdf, used very specific passages from novels, short stories, poems and essays as their Text Exemplars, examples that illustrate reading and interpretative skills needed by today's students.

*Most of the titles listed are the exact texts used by the CCSS developers. When unavailable, we have provided the most suitable alternative.

Common Core Text Exemplars: Language Arts by Grade and Unit:

Elementary School

Middle School

High School


Stories: Grades K-1

Stories: Grades 2-3

Stories: Grades 4-5

Poetry: Grades K-1

Poetry: Grades 2-3

Poetry: Grades 4-5

Read-Aloud Stories: Grades K-1

Read-Aloud Stories: Grades 2-3

Read-Aloud Poetry: Grades K-1

Read-Aloud Poetry: Grades 2-3

Informational Texts

Informational Texts: Grades K-1

Informational Texts: Grades 2-3

Informational Texts: Grades 4-5

Read-Aloud: Grades K-1

Read-Aloud: Grades 2-3


Stories: Grades 9-10

Stories: Grades 11-College & Career Ready

Drama: Grades 9-10

Drama: Grades 11-College & Career Ready

Poetry: Grades 9-10

Poetry: Grades 11-College & Career Ready

Informational Texts

English Language Arts: Grades 9-10

English Language Arts: Grades 11-College & Career Ready

History/Social Studies: Grades 9-10

History/Social Studies: Grades 11-College & Career Ready

Science/Mathematics & Technical Subjects: Grades 9-10

Science/Mathematics & Technical Subjects: Grades 11-College & Career Ready