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Classroom Technologies > Digital Microscopes

Digital Microscopes

Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope

Amazing all-in-one digital microscope takes scientific inquiry to a new level�yet is easy for even a young child to use. Hold the hand-friendly scope over an object, turn the top to focus, then press the single control button to take videos or still images from 35 to 53x magnification. Supports students as they record observations and investigations. Great for lab reports, presentations and authentic assessment for digital portfolios. Sharply detailed images enrich whole-class and individual explorations. Use with your computer, projector or interactive whiteboard.
Grades K-12

  • Sharply detailed images (640 x 480 pixels) enrich investigations

  • Fits perfectly into a child's hand and lets them add special effects, such as fun frames, to the photos they take

  • Great for lab reports, presentations and authentic assessment for digital porfolios

  • Use with other classroom technology such as now!board and Luna Interactive Projection Camera

  • Best in Stem - GreatSchools Golden Apple Awards 2011

Twist Flexible Digital Microscope

Unique, easy-to-use digital microscope captures high-quality images (10 to 200x magnification) and bends to allow teachers and students to view even hard-to-see objects! Built-in camera and microphone enable students to record and describe their investigations and inquires, then download them to a PC or Mac. Use with your interactive whiteboard, projector or PC or Mac to encourage class demonstration or individual exploration. Grades K–12

  • Encourages investigation - stable base with bendable gooseneck lets students explore objects with both hands

  • Use Flexi-measure software to add dimensions to capture images

  • Power via USB connection to your computer (can use with a projector or interactive whiteboard)

  • Watch a Demo of the Twist in Action

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Product Name UPC FES# Price
Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope 0765023044164 4751888 $54.64
Twist Flexible Digital Microscope 0765023044119 4493863 $109.29
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Mac OS X (10.5, 10.6, 10.7)
  • Requires a projector and computer with monitor, not included
  • Both: PC and Mac Compatible
  • Both: Power via USB connection to your computer
  • Zoomy: 1-touch photo/video capture
  • Zoomy: Focusing ring
  • Zoomy: 4 LEDs
  • Zoomy: 2 Head Adapters (for viewing different kinds of subjects)
  • Twist: 6 LEDs & focus ring
  • Twist: 1.3 MP CMOS sensor/camera
  • Twist: Bendable gooseneck
  • Twist: Built-in microphone
  • Twist: Snapshot button
  • Twist: SEN switch jack (for special needs)
Zoomy Main Unit Zoomy Focus Top Zoomy in Action

Zoomy Main Unit

Zoomy Focus Top

Zoomy in Action

Twist Main Unit Twist Close Up Twist in Action

Twist Main Unit

Twist Microscope Head

Twist in Action

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Zoomy Demo Video
Zoomy Ideas to Get You Started
Observe Your Body

Observe Your Body

Early learners will be amazed when they take an up-close look at their hair, skin, scalp, or even inside their ears!

Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia Presentations

Have students create and present their own multimedia presentations. They can include microscopic images with fun frames & effects.

Photo-based Science Dictionaries

Photo-based Science Dictionaries

Students can use the microscopic images they captured to make their own science dictionaries or journals.

Twist Ideas to Get You Started
Science Models & Specimens

Science Models & Specimens

Record a video of students as they observe in high magnification, ask and answer questions and narrate observations of live specimens that move.

Special Needs

Special Needs

Connect an adaptive device for students with sever motor difficulties. Have students explore scientific cause and effect by positioning & focusing Twist.



Using Flexi-meausre software, have students estimate, take, compare and record measurements of specimens.