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Classroom Materials > Common Core State Standards > Common Core Curriculum Maps

Common Core Curriculum Maps

These titles are intended to assist teachers with selecting titles that will help them meet their specific classroom needs. The lists were created by more than three dozen educators and obtained through the commoncore.org website

Common Core Curriculum Maps by Grade and Unit:

Elementary School

Middle School

High School


Unit 1: A Colorful Time with Rythm and Rhyme

Unit 2: Tell a Story, 1-2-3

Unit 3: Exploring with Friends in the Neighborhood

Unit 4: America - Symbols and Celebrations

Unit 5: The Great Big World

Unit 6: Wonders of Nature - Plants, Bugs and Frogs

Grade 1

Unit 1: Alphabet Books and Children Who Read Them

Unit 2: The Amazing Animal World

Unit 3: Life Lessons

Unit 4: Winds of Change

Unit 5: American Contributions

Unit 6: Around the World with a Glass Slipper

Grade 2

Unit 1: A Season for Chapters

Unit 2: The Wild West

Unit 3: Building Bridges with Unlikely Friends

Unit 4: A long Journey to Freedom

Unit 5: Hand-Me-Down Tales from Around the World

Unit 6: Taking Care of Ourselves

Grade 3

Unit 1: Stories Worth Telling Again & Again

Unit 2: Inspired by the Sea

Unit 3: Creative, Inventive, and Notable People

Unit 4: The People, The Preamble & the President

Unit 5: A Feast of Words on a Planet Called Earth and Beyond

Unit 6: Fantastic Adventures with Dragons, Gods, and Giants

Grade 4

Unit 1: Tales of the Heart

Unit 2: Literature Settings - Weather or Not

Unit 3: Animals are Characters, Too Characters who Gallop, Bark and Squeak

Unit 4: Revolutionaries from the Past

Unit 5: Stories of the Earth & Sky

Unit 6: Literary Heroes

Grade 5

Unit 1: Playing with Words

Unit 2: Intentive Thinking

Unit 3: Clues to a Culture

Unit 4: America in Conflict

Unit 5: Exploration - Real and Imagined

Unit 6: Coming of Age

Grade 9

Unit 1: Literacy Elements and the Short Story

Unit 2: The Novel - Honor

Unit 3: Poetry - Beauty

Unit 4: Drama - Fate

Unit 5: Epic Poetry - Heroism

Unit 6: Literary Nonfiction - Reflection, The Memoir, The Essay, and the Speech

Grade 10

Unit 1: World Literature - Latin and Central America

Unit 2: World Literature - Asia

Unit 3: World Literature - Africa & the Middle East

Unit 4: World LIterature - Russia

Grade 11

Unit 1: The New World

Unit 2: A New Nation

Unit 3: American Romanticism

Unit 4: A Troubled Young Nation

Unit 5: Emerging Modernism

Unit 6: Challenges and Successes of the Twentieth Century

Grade 12

Unit 1: European Literature - Middle Ages

Unit 2: European Literature - Renaissance and Reformation

Unit 3:European Literature - Seventeenth Century

Unit 4: European Literature - Eighteenth & Early Nineteenth Century

Unit 5: European Literature - Nineteenth Century

Unit 6: European Literature - Twentieth Century