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Rosen Guided Reading Nonfiction Collections

Rosen Guided Reading Nonfiction Collections As your partner in education, Follett School Solutions is proud to present the Rosen Guided Reading Nonfiction Collections. Designed specifically to support differentiated learning in the classroom, these collections will help your students learn how to read a variety of increasingly difficult texts with understanding and fluency.

Available for Levels A-P, these nonfiction leveled materials provide students the opportunity for systematic learning of national standards-based content that cover the core concepts and vocabulary in such essential areas as science, social studies, math and character education. You will enable your students to:

  • Access prior knowledge
  • Practice word attack skills and develop fluency
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Learn comprehension strategies
  • Compare and contrast
  • Story sequencing
  • Expand understanding of main idea and supporting details
  • Develop oral and written language patterns

In addition, these books include both photography and illustrations so students are able to identify themselves in the educational methodology called "text to self" and "text to the world," which promotes comprehension strategies.

Each collection includes a teacher's guide that allows you to have lesson plans appropriate for your students. Plus, each book in every collection has activities that cross into other subject areas.

All titles are assembled in packages of 6 and stored in a bin marked with the appropriate Guided Reading level.