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Prebound for Follett Library Resources according to strict standards, FollettBound books withstand repeated use, making them the perfect choice for high-demand titles and classroom sets. FollettBound books are tough, attractive, and easy to open. Best of all, FollettBound bindings have a lifetime guarantee!

Warp-Free Binder Board

High-quality binder board covers and spines hold their shape. This extends the shelf life of even the high-demand titles.

Photo-Quality, Color Covers

Our digitally printed covers provide excellent color reproduction. They entice students to pick up and open the books.

Acid-Free Polyester End Sheets

Stronger than standard cotton, polyester end sheets resist wear and tear. Acid-free end sheets won't yellow or fall apart.

Polyester-Laminated Covers

1.5 mil.-polyester film improves the strength and durability. Stains and marks clean up easily.

Square-Back Spine

Square-back spines make FollettBound books easy to keep open, and they retain their shape over time.

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In addition...

Glued FollettBounds also offer: Durable, Double-Fan Binding
With our specialized binding process we fan each book one way and apply glue, then fan it the other way and apply glue, substantially increasing binding strength.

Sewn FollettBounds also offer: High-Strength Polyester Thread
Stronger than standard cotton thread, our special polyester plastic thread gives our sewn books exceptional durability without sacrificing their ability to remain open.