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Extend the life of paperbacks with Follett BookGuard ™ Paying too much for hardcover novels? Follett BookGuard™ extends the life of your paperback books by covering them with a tough, clear laminate that protects against marks, spills and everyday wear and tear. BookGuard™ is pre-applied, so your books arrive ready to distribute to your students. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

BookGuard™ Features

  • Durable, long lasting alternative to hardcover books, at less than half the cost
  • Permanent, tough, flexible and tear resistant
  • Crystal clear laminate will not yellow or deteriorate
  • Made from the highest quality polyester and acid free adhesive
  • Spine and color graphics remain fully visible

Get Started

Why not get started taking advantage of BookGuard™ today? It's easy! Just evaluate your new supplemental learning material needs, call us and request BookGuard™ for the softcover books on your list. You'll receive your books in approximately 3 weeks (in-stock titles).